Ilmstrá 95mL – Orange & Cinnamon
Vörunúmer: DU-075065
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4.990 kr.

Christmassy room scent! The bouquet Reed Diffuser “Orange Cinnamon” by Durance elegantly adorns every home and exudes a spicy oriental scent that creates a winter and Christmassy atmosphere. Simply place the rattan sticks in the bottle, pick up the perfume and release it evenly and continuously into the air over several weeks.

Feel-good products from Provence! The friendly family business Durance offers products with a special refinement made from local raw materials, which create a special ambience and give every home a personal touch. The products bring the beauty and uniqueness of Provence directly into your home, creating a unique atmosphere of well-being. The brand’s care products also ensure a special sense of well-being and send the senses on a journey to Provence.


  • Fragrance bottle 95 ml
  • 8 rattan sticks

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