Nuddstóll Alpha AT1600-17 Svartur

Nuddstóll Alpha AT1600-17 Svartur
Vörunúmer: ALP-AT1600-BLACK
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Staða: Uppselt


– Premium High End Massage Product – 3 individual, specialized Automatic programs – Zero-Gravity-Position – Kneading massage – Tapping/ Relax massage – Rhythmic acupressure massage – Double Kneading massage – Calf massage with air pressure (Lymph drainage-like application) – Manual shoulder positioning – Massage individually and punctually adjustable – Massage speed and rolls distance adjustable in multiple positions – Foldable footrest – Intensity of air pressure adjustable in multiple stages – Backrest and footrest electrically infinitely and independently adjustable to the reclining position – State of the art, recommended product – Inclusive special neck pillow – Light weight for easy transport – Chair ergonomically formed – High Quality

Technical Specifications:

Material: Elegant Leather-Look
97% Polyurethane 3% Cotton Available colors: Black, Cappuccino Weight: ca. 40 Kg Measurements: Sitting: ca. 115 cm x 72 cm x 110 cm Reclined: ca. ca. 161 cm x 72 cm x 78 cm
Power Consumption: 220-240 V, 50Hz, ca.70 Watt
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Description: This multi-function massage chair offers you multiple massage techniques and programs and as well a high comfort in every position. It is the perfect combination out of massage and facility so that it fits in every living room. The footrest is foldable with a lever and has multiple possibilities to be used. However, it offers a comfortable area for tired legs without massage. In the next position, it gives a relaxing calf massage with air pressure, kneading techniques and a relaxing reflex massage as well. One massage chair with lots of possibilities.

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