Ilmstrá 95mL – Under the Pine Tree
Vörunúmer: DU-075064
Flokkur: , , , ,
4.990 kr.

The Durance 2020 Christmas collection comprises four festive scents that are sure to bring holiday cheer into your home. Available as room sprays, reed diffusers, and candles, this collection which features glamorous art deco designs embossed in gold makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

This fragrant bouquet, fragrance diffuser with notes of resin and pine needles will dress your interior thanks to its unique rounded design bottle enhanced with a pretty golden pompom and its long black rattan stems.

Refined and elegant this scented bouquet offers you a continuous diffusion for a month. Durance under the pine tree will embalm your interior with its magical and representative note which recalls the happiness of moments shared under the pine tree.

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