Ilmkerti Natural 75gr – Under the Pine tree

Ilmkerti Natural 75gr – Under the Pine tree
Vörunúmer: DU-075490
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1.990 kr. 1.791 kr.

Bring a majestic scent to your home with our essential Christmas tree candle. As the winter season approaches, what could be nicer than coming home and enjoying the wonderful woody scent of a real freshly installed Christmas tree?


The scented candle at the foot of the tree, with its notes of resin and pine needles, will transport you to the heart of a pine forest in a very representative and magical note. So evocative, the Christmas tree candle recalls all the happiness of the moments shared around the Christmas tree, decorated with sparkling balls of light garlands, without forgetting the presentation of gifts.


Composed of natural wax (vegetable wax and beeswax), and a cotton wick, it perfectly reproduces the gourmet and spicy notes of this essential fragrance of the season.



+/- 20 klukkutímar



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