Ilmkerti Natural 180gr – Wild Raspberries

Ilmkerti Natural 180gr – Wild Raspberries
Vörunúmer: DU-075194
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2.990 kr. 2.691 kr.

The scent of wild raspberries reminds you of a gourmet dessert where tangy raspberries mix with the sweetness of almonds.


Made in Provençal Drôme, your candle is enriched with beeswax and fitted with a cotton wick for a homogeneous burn. Ideal to perfume your living room, your entrance or your kitchen, the wild raspberry Christmas candle is a nice gift to offer or to offer yourself!

Composed of natural wax (vegetable wax and beeswax), and a cotton wick, it perfectly reproduces the gourmet and spicy notes of this essential fragrance of the season.



+/- 40 klukkutímar


The fruity ones and the gourmands

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