Ilmkerti 3x75g – Under the pine tree – Starry amb

Ilmkerti 3x75g – Under the pine tree – Starry amb
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5.990 kr.

Durance Christmas 2020 Mini Candle Blue Gift Set

Contains 3 Natural Wax Scented 75g Candles, 1 of each of the following:

Beneath the Pine Tree – The scented candle at the foot of the tree, with its notes of resin and pine needles, will transport you to the heart of a pine forest

Cashmere Dream – The softness of beautiful linen and precious fabrics … discover a natural scented candle with a cocooning and delicate fragrance.

Starry Amber – An amber scent, with a refined fragrance, both oriental and mysterious. 

Durance Natural Wax Scented 75g Candles
Wonderfully scented mini candles made with 100% natural wax enriched with beeswax.
Handmade and decorated in our workshops in Provence, our candles are the result of a true and traditional expertise.

Burning Time : About 20h each

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